Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Getting Started
  2. Pre-Season and Game Day FAQs
  3. Rocket League FAQs
  4. Super Smash Bros Ultimate FAQs
  5. Fortnite FAQs

Getting Started

Q: What is GGLeagues?

A: GGLeagues is a platform for both new and experienced gamers to compete in leagues across various game titles. Whether you’re a collegiate player or a casual player, there is a wide range of player skill levels for you to compete against.

Q: How do I find a team to play with?

A: If you’re playing in a recreational league, most of the districts we work with (e.g. parks, YMCA, etc.) offer ways to get involved with others through their organization. Reaching out to one of these organizations to find out how to get connected with other players is the best way to get involved. If you’re unable to find a team, we do offer 1v1 leagues within some of the titles.

Q: Are there any age requirements?

A: Some park districts and organizations may require players to be above a certain age. Also, some of the games we offer are rated for teens and above. We have no age restrictions at GGLeagues, although our regional leagues are restricted to college teams.

Q: When is payment due?

A: You cannot register for a league until payment has been sent through the website.

Q: What games do you offer?

A: We currently offer leagues for Rocket League, League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, FIFA, and Madden. We are constantly expanding to new games, so be sure to check out the leagues page for up to date information.

Q: When do seasons take place?

A: Beginning Fall 2020, we’re moving forward with beginning all leagues at approximately the same time. Recreational leagues typically last around six weeks with a few weeks of downtime following the playoffs. Be sure to check back on our upcoming leagues page regularly for updates. We also send out updates over Discord and our social media.

Q: How much does it cost to play in a league?

A: Costs vary per league, but it’s typically around $20/player for our recreational leagues. Please check the league pages for specific information.

Q: What is the difference between recreational and regional leagues?

A: Our regional leagues are for collegiate players only, teams which usually are run through the college’s esports program. Recreational leagues are typically for anyone not involved in one of our regional leagues. This means kids and adults can play, despite their skill level.

Q: I just started playing video games, is there a league for me?

A: Yes! We have introductory material for most of our games, helping you learn how to get started. Check out one of our beginner leagues to get involved.

Q: Can I play in multiple leagues at once? For example, can I play p both the 1v1 and 3v3 Rocket League leagues?

A: Yes! You can participate in as many leagues as you would like. Please ensure you take the start time into consideration. We typically try to space out leagues of the same game (e.g. 1v1 and 3v3 for Rocket League) so players may participate in both.

Q: How are the divisions broken down to accommodate for different p levels?

A: This can vary based on whether it’s a recreational or regional league. We try to have three leagues for each game (beginner, intermediate, advanced). For specific information regarding the skill level of each league, please refer to the information on the league page.

Q: How do I add players to my team?

A: You may add a player to your team by sending them a link to your GGLeagues team page. Next, they must click the ‘Request to Join Team’ button. Lastly, you must navigate to your team page, select ‘Edit Roster’, and accept their pending invite at the bottom of the page.

Q: How many players can be on my roster?

A: This varies per game and whether it’s recreational or regional. There is usually no limit if nothing is listed on the league page.

Q: Do I need to buy the game in order to play?

A: Yes! Although some of our offered game titles are free, you must have the game installed in order to play. We highly recommend playing the game beforehand to get familiar with it and ensure you’re familiar with the controls.

Q: Are there prizes?

A: Prizing varies per league. Please refer to the league page to look for prizing information, or ask your park district/organization who sent out information regarding signups.

Q: How do I register with a sponsor code?

A: Please watch this video for a walkthrough on sponsor codes:

Q: How do I register from a referral organization?

A: Please watch this video for a walkthrough on referrals:

Pre-Season & General Game Day FAQs

Q: Is there a place for regional players to find information?

A: Yes! Head over to our main Discord to find all information and updates regarding our regional leagues.

Q: How can I view my upcoming matches?

A: Head to your team page on the GGLeagues website. There is a ‘Schedule’ button that will show you all of your upcoming matches.

Q: What happens if a team or individual does not show up on time?

A: Players have up to 15 minutes past the start time to communicate with their opponents and begin their games. If a player is still absent after 15 minutes, please report this to one of our referees to report a forfeit. This will count as an automatic win for your team.

Q: Why do my team stats say I’m 10-5 when I’ve won every match in my p?

A: Your team stats take into account all of the matches you’ve played across all leagues. If this is the case, it’s very likely that you’ve played in a past league and it’s showing all previous matches.

Q: What is Discord and why do you keep recommending it?

A: GGLeagues recommends downloading Discord for any support related matters. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with new leagues that we’ve posted. It is not required, but you may join our recreational Discord here for additional information and access to support.

Q: Why is the league page not loading?

A: If your league page isn’t loading, please reach out to support via Discord or email.

Q: I just registered for a league. Where is my schedule and how do I p my opponents?

A: League schedules are typically created a few days before they begin. This means you won’t have access to your upcoming matches or opponent information until then. You will be sent an email 48 hours prior to your match with your match information. In this email we’ll include a link to your match on the website. You are able to contact your opponent through that link via our website’s match chat.

Q: What happens when our opponents say they forfeit the match?

A: A forfeit from your opponents means you will receive an automatic win. Please report this the same as you would report a regular match, either through our match chat on the website or Discord. Unfortunately we will not have an additional match for you. However, if you are in our Discord you may ask in one of the channels if another team wants to play for fun.

Q: What is a ‘bye’?

A: A ‘bye’ means we don’t have an opponent for you to play, so you have an ‘off week’. This happens when there are an uneven number of teams in a league. One team will receive a ‘bye’ each week to accommodate for this. You do not need to show up or report a score if you have a ‘bye week’.

Q: How do we report a score?

A: You may report a score through your match chat on the website or Discord.

Q: How can I find my opponent?

A: Your opponent’s information will be on your match page. Please use this match page to communicate with them as well.

Q: How can I find my lobby information?

A: Your lobby information is sent in two separate emails, one 48 hours prior and one on game day. You can also find this information on your match page.

Q: Am I able to reschedule our match?

A: Yes! You will need to coordinate with your opponents in order to reschedule. You can chat with them on your match page, which is sent to you via email or can be found in the league schedule on the GGLeagues website.

Q: Which team creates the lobby?

A: For games other than League of Legends, typically the team on the left side of the match page creates the lobby. If you’re uncomfortable with creating the lobby, you may ask your opponents to do so. For League of Legends, please refer to the match information email for which side of the lobby you are on.

Q: How can I file a dispute or report a team for toxic behavior?

A: Please reach out to support via Discord, email, or your match chat on the website.

Q: What happens if we reschedule our match and our opponents don’t show up?

A: The regular 15 minute rule will apply. If they haven’t shown up after 15 minutes, you may report it as a forfeit for their team. We also recommend leaving a message in the chatroom mentioning this in case of a dispute.

Q: What happens if we requested a reschedule in advance and our opponents didn’t respond? Do we lose if they show up at the regular time?

A: If you requested a reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, you will not be penalized. It will then be on your opponent to find a time and day that works for both teams. If the reschedule was requested within 24 hours of the match, both teams may need a representative available in the chat at match time. If this is not possible, please reach out to GGLeagues to help get in contact with your opponent.

Rocket League FAQs

Q: How do I get started with Rocket League?

A: Please watch this video for a walkthrough on getting started with Rocket League:

Q: Do I need to buy the game in order to play?

A: Yes! Although some of our offered game titles are free, you must have the game installed in order to play. We highly recommend playing the game beforehand to get familiar with it and ensure you’re familiar with the controls.

Q: What platform can I play on?

A: You can play Rocket League on a PC (via Steam), Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch.

Q: I have Rocket League on my Switch but my teammates play on p device. Can we still play together?

A: Yes! Rocket League allows for cross-play. Just enable it in your game settings (shown in the image below).

Q: How do I create a lobby?

A: First, please ensure you have cross-platform enabled in your game settings via the main menu (shown in the image below). To create a lobby, enter the Rocket League game and select ‘Play’. Once the next menu opens, select ‘Private Match’, then ‘Create Private Match’. Once this menu is open, ensure all of the following settings are as shown below. The lobby name and password can be found on your match page on the GGLeagues website.

  • Game Mode: Soccar

  • Default Arena: Champions Field

  • Team Size: 1v1 or 3v3

  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots

  • Team Settings: All Default

  • Mutators: None

  • Server: Recommended

  • Joinable By: Name/Password

Q: How do I enter the lobby my opponent created?

A: Similar to creating a lobby, select ‘Play’ at start up, then navigate to ‘Private Match’, and then finally click ‘Join Private Match’. From here you will enter the lobby details.

Q: Is the match just one game?

A: All Rocket League matches are best of fives. This means the winner must get three game victories before the match is over.

Q: What are the rules for pausing?

A: Teams may have up to 10 minutes of pause time for our recreational leagues for any disconnects or game issues. This varies for our regional leagues, please refer to the regional rulebooks for more information.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) FAQs

Q: What platforms can I play SSBU on?

A: SSBU is only available on the Nintendo Switch.

Q: Will I need Nintendo Switch Online to play my matches?

A: Playing in online matches (and our SSBU tournaments) requires an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. You can purchase this in stores or online.

Q: Do I need to friend my opponent on the Switch to play?

A: No. However, it may be easier to find each other’s arenas to join in SSBU if you are friends. Not being friends will require an additional step.

Q: How do I create an arena to play?

A: In order to create an arena, select ONLINE on the SSBU home screen. Next, choose BATTLE ARENA. Select the ring at the top left to find your arena information. You will then share this information with your opponent to join.

Q: Who creates the arena?

A: Either player may create the arena. Please communicate with each other using the GGLeagues match chat to coordinate who will create the arena.

Q: How many maps do we play?

A: Rules vary from event to event. Typically stock will be set to 3, and you will play a best of 3 maps. Please be sure to check your rulebook for specifics!

Q: What are the maps?

A: Maps will vary from event to event. Please refer to your specific league's rulebook for the maps.

Q: What are the game settings?

A: Game settings may vary from event to event. Please refer to your rulebook for the settings.

Q: Where can I find my rulebook?

A: Rulebooks are sent in one of the first emails we send over with your league information. If you’re unable to find it, please refer to our #useful-resources channel in our recreational Discord or ask an admin through your match chat on the GGLeagues website.

Q: What happens if there’s a disconnect?

A: If a player disconnects during a game after at least 1 minute has elapsed or they have been KO’d once, the player who disconnected forfeits the individual game in the best of three.

Q: What happens in the case of a tie?

A: In the case that time runs out and both characters have an equal amount of lives, the character with less damage dealt to them wins the match. If both characters have equal lives and damage, the match must be replayed; Sudden Death is strictly not to be played.

Q: Why is the pause feature on? Can I use it?

A: The pause feature is on in case of any emergencies. Pausing is only legal while either player remains upon their OWN respawn platform, and only for emergencies. GGLeagues must be notified about the issue immediately following the pause. If a player pauses without legitimate cause or while not on their own platform, it will result in a stock loss for the player who paused the game.

Additional Game-Day Tips

  • Please make sure you try to play some matches and create rulesets in Smash prior to game day so you’re familiar with the settings
  • Try creating a ruleset to use for the games before game day
  • Ensure your stock is set to 3 so you are able to play up to three maps (double check your rulebook!)
  • When creating the ruleset, ensure that you select “Anyone” for “Stage Selection” so that you’re able to play the correct map rotation (listed above)
  • You can find the advanced settings at the very bottom of the settings
  • Please reach out to GGLeagues if you’re unsure of what to do

Fortnite FAQs

Q: What platforms can I play Fortnite on?

A: Fortnite is available on PC/Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Q: Are the Fortnite matches in a custom lobby?

A: Most of our Fortnite events are played through regular Fortnite matches with your opponent(s) as your partner(s). Please refer to your rulebook for clarification.

Q: How do I play with my opponent?

A: Players will need to add each other using EpicID’s and join each other’s party in-game.

Q: What happens in the case of a tie?

A: Tiebreakers are dependent on the event rules. Please refer to the FAQ’s at the bottom of your rulebook for clarification.

Q: What happens if there’s a disconnect?

A: If there’s a disconnect at any time prior to players landing, both players must exit and restart (screenshots/video evidence may be required). If there’s a disconnect mid-game, players will continue to play out the match and the disconnected player’s kills will still count towards their score.

Q: Does placement matter or is scoring based on kills only?

A: Scoring varies from event to event. Please refer to your rulebook for scoring specifics.

Additional Game Day Tips

  • Remember that our events are not using custom lobbies. You will need to join your opponent’s party in order to play your matches.
  • Not everyone has their EpicID as their username on the GGLeagues website. Be sure to communicate with your opponent to ensure you’re adding the correct username.